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The Kingsborough Holocaust Center is committed to the study and teaching of the history of the Holocaust to ensure that victims and their families will not be forgotten, and their stories will inspire future generations to fight injustice, bigotry, and intolerance. Through education, museum tours, film screenings, exhibits, and academic events, the Kingsborough Holocaust Center intends to increase our understanding of the developments that created a climate conducive to brutality; the millions of people who were targeted by the Nazis based on their ethnicity, race, ability, religion, political beliefs, or sexual orientation; genocidal ideologies before and after the Holocaust; apathy; collaboration and resistance; and Holocaust denial.

In line with developments at Holocaust museums and centers all over the country, the Kingsborough Holocaust Center is also committed to broadening its approach in order to expand its focus to include the history of antisemitism, racism, and prejudice in the United States and beyond. Instead of presenting the cruelty of the Holocaust as an isolated event, focusing on Hitler, gas chambers, and war crimes, and ending with a defiant “Never again!”, it anchors the Holocaust into a much larger and longer history of antisemitism and hate as a way to educate and prevent further atrocities against humanity.

On this site you can find educational resources and information about the Center’s past events.